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 Analyzing MarioVSonic

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PostSubject: Analyzing MarioVSonic   Fri Aug 20, 2010 6:06 am

Name: Mario VS Sonic
Age: 13-14
Met: Mario VS Sonic guestbook
Score: 96/100

Good old MVS. One of my pals I have known for a long time..... I first found out about her on Webs blog where she commented on a news article. I found her quite interesting so I thought I would check out her site. She is a very nice person who has done alot for other people. Not only has she helped many people with there sites (Including mine) but she also offers her opinion and help to anyone. Me and her never really fall out. After a while she moved sites, she made a new site on a different host. I seemed to like it and thought it was cool so I joined. Her site is http://mariovsonic.co.nr! Check it out!

Thats really about it. She is so kind and deserves this score.
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Analyzing MarioVSonic
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