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 Analyzing F0R T3H LULZ (SGC-X)

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PostSubject: Analyzing F0R T3H LULZ (SGC-X)   Thu Aug 19, 2010 2:30 pm

Name: Shnookis (Or For teh Lulz)
Age: 14-15
Met: SGC-X
Score: 21/100

Shnookis really burnt me down to get a bad score. Believe me.
There are many things that made him tumble. I'll explain. Firstly he hacked everyone website which was annoying and mean. Secondly he hacked one of my old websites and spammed it. Thirdly he insults me alot for no reason and he treats everyone like dirt. He made me dislike him alot which was a shame. He recently spammed my Youtube account along with Sam White for no reason which made no sense. He also recently continued to insult me for no reason which still made no sense. Not only that. He was going on that I was a "Whiny little british kid" Does it matter if I'm British?

Shnookis has done bad things such as Hacking, Spamming, Bullying, Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Seixsm and many other things. He is nice when he doesn't spam or insult. But he is not exactly easy to befriend. Watch out people. Also if you are friends with him. Please don't get offended this is just my opinion.
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Analyzing F0R T3H LULZ (SGC-X)
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