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PostSubject: Rules   Tue Aug 17, 2010 3:43 pm

1. Spamming

Spamming is not allowed. Please try not to make 1 word posts. They are very useless and annoying. We will give you a couple of chances. Don't worry. Just try not to spam. Also post 1 post. Not 2.

2. Racism, Swearing and insulting

Insulting people is not nice. So please try not insult people with Racist words, Vulgar Language and Offensive Language. It could offend other people. If you see anyone abusing. Please report it to me or any of my admins.

3. Pornography

Porn is banned from this forum. Do not send any to our members, post any on the forum or post it anywhere. Porn is disgusting to some children and it will not be tolerated

4. Hacking

Hacking is banned. Hacking other people will result in an I.P Ban as well as being banned from chatroom.

5. Language.

This forum only speaks English. If you have trouble speaking english. Go on Google Translate or ask for a translated version. We are making one soon!

6. Personal Details.

This is not a banning but please do not post any personal information (Phone Number, House address, Car number plate etc etc). There could be Paedofiles on the internet and they could track you down. So no personal information

7. Have fun.

Don't be shy. If there are any problems. Feel free to send me a PM. You can always chat to me. I will not abuse you.

Other information:

Jimbster: Founder of the Forum and Old Admin of Super Snorlax, Happy Person. Jokes around alot.
Shadow Dragon X: Administrator of the forum, alters Template and gives out ideas for the board.
Starflight73: Administrator of the forum, helps out. Gives out ideas.
MarioVSonic: Moderator, Designs certain things. Helps out.
WhiteTiger: Moderator. Very kind.
Kristian: Designer

Turtwig Valley is copyrighted to Jimbster. Please thank our staff for helping!
Copyright 13th February 2010
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