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 Mike's Pokemon Journey Episode 3 - Rio becomes part of the Family!

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PostSubject: Mike's Pokemon Journey Episode 3 - Rio becomes part of the Family!   Sat Aug 14, 2010 7:04 am

-Note this story does not belong to me, It belongs to PokemonMike @ PDC, Credit goest to him. Not me-
Mike: Nurse Joy, is this Riolu going to be okay?
Nurse Joy: Oh, yes. Riolu's doing fine. Except we found this planted on it's neck.
Mike: An SD card?
Nurse Joy: It looks like an SD card, but it's actually a Pokémon Mind control device!
Mike: WHAT?!?! Pokémon MIND CONTROL?! Who'd be wicked enough to do something like that?
Nurse Joy: Well, reports are going around that mysterious men are controlling Pokémon to get something.......but, the police don't know what.
Mike: I sware, if I catch one of them guys, I'll pound 'em!
Nurse Joy: Oh, looks like Riolu's better.
Riolu: Riiiiiiooooo.....
Mike: Hey, Riolu. Glad you're better.
Riolu: Rii? OOOLUU!!!
(Riolu leaps into Mike's arms.)
Mike: Woah!!!
Nurse Joy: Ha, looks like Riolu likes you. Say, you're a Pokémon trainer, right? Why don't you add this little guy to your team?
Mike: Wuh? Well, sure! How 'bout it, Riolu?
Riolu: RIIII!
Mike: Alright, I'm gonna call you Rio. 'Cause you look like one.
Rio: Riioooo!
Mike: That's it! Hahaha. Alright, Chimchar. Come and meet your new friend!
Chimchar: Chhhha!
Rio: Riii!
Mike: Ha, they look like old friends!
Rowan: Mike! There you are! I've been looking all over for you-- is that the Riolu from before?
Mike: Yup! But he's with me now. But he should go back in his Pokeball now. Return, Rio!
Rio: Rii.
(Rio dodges it.)
Mike: Huh, well, let's try again. Return, Rio.
Rio: RIII.
(Rio dodges it AGAIN.)
Rowan: Oh, I've seen this before. Rio doesn't like the Pokeball. Why don't you keep it outside. This'll do good for it and for my research.
Mike: Alright! Wanna come up on my shoulder, Rio?
Rio: Riiiiiiiolu!
Rowan: And, speaking of research, I have a very important proposition......
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PostSubject: Re: Mike's Pokemon Journey Episode 3 - Rio becomes part of the Family!   Sun Aug 15, 2010 10:39 am

post more these episode are really good
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Mike's Pokemon Journey Episode 3 - Rio becomes part of the Family!
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