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 Pokemon BW Updates

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PostSubject: Pokemon BW Updates   Sat Aug 14, 2010 3:58 am

- Vaporeon's new ability is Hydration, it will now have a dual ability
- Sturdy has changed: It now endures any hit that will knock it out to 1HP
- You can now customise your Pokedex!
- Your HomeTown is Kananko Town!
- Berries do not grow in Isshu.
- TM do not dissapear.
- First Gym Leader is Dento and second is Aloe.
- Vicitini is in the basement of the lighthouse on Liberty Garden Island. Don't worry if you defeat it. It will re-appear
- Ash will be joined by Dento and Iris in his BW Adventures! So stay tuned!
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Pokemon BW Updates
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